We are their Voices

I log onto my facebook to catch up on what’s happening with everyone. The one thing that I always find myself reading about is animal cruelty stories. Whether it’s about someone abandoning a little dog or just dumping a litter of kittens along side of a back road.

golden-retriever-labrador-cat-friends-cute-animal-pics-picturesTake a look at those two beautiful babies above. Tell me how can one person treat them poorly. How can they harm such a cute face like that and get away with it? They may not be able to tell us how they feel but they sure do show it. Animals have feelings just like we do. They feel the pain, they hurt and get upset just like we do. That little four legged baby you may have at home is just like a real baby. They deserve all the love & the attention they could possibly get.

580892_406076716117887_1116497628_nWe are suppose to be the ones to love them, protect them, give them a home. Be their guardians. We are their voices.


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